Colour Masterclass

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Let go and have some fun in this highly energising and liberating art workshop that channels the colourful and slightly mad style of Matisse.  Perfect for absolute beginners and artists alike, discover freedom in glorious colour!

Favouring bright colours and bold simplifications, the early 20th Century French artist is synonymous with strong, expressive paintings so leave your insecurities at the studio door and roll up your sleeves to this therapeutic art form.

The Process
Having chosen a Matisse painting from a varied selection of images you’ll roughly sketch it out on a board using a grid guide to mirror the detail. Then it’s time to be brave. With Susie at your side, you’ll bring the board to life with colour, big and bold strokes and masses of passion.

First time painter being bold with colour at our colour masterclass

Group of ladies enjoy experimenting with colour

Fantasitc results from a group of first time painters and amateurs

Beautiful paintings by these first timers

In the creative zoen, a group of ladies relax and enjoy being creative with colour

Purpose made studio gives this group plenty of space to discover their creativity

"A group of friends and I had an afternoons Matisse workshop with Susie. None of us are artists but with Susie’s guidance we each left with fabulous canvasses! Works of art! And we had so much fun. It really took us out of selves.
Thankyou Susie. I’ll be back xxxx " 
Fern Britton


The Workshop
There’s no such thing as mistakes, no right or wrong and absolutely no regrets. Pencil marks, blurred colours, heavy brush strokes; it’s all part of the story. Each and every painting will be different and each and every painting will be brilliant.  Susie is on hand to guide and encourage you throughout.

A typical colour masterclass workshop includes:

  • Welcome and workshop introduction
  • Painting demo in the style of Matisse from Susie
  • As a group create the painting demoed with one-on-one guidance on handling the brush, applying paints and using colour
  • Pick your own Matisse painting to emulate from a huge selection of images


From £60 per person
For groups of 6 – 12 people
Typically 4 hours
Suitable for everyone from beginners to the more experienced