Cornish Seascapes

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With blue seas and golden sands as your muse and Cornwall’s incredible artists as your inspiration, this workshop will awaken your wild side and revive your senses.

The Process
It’s all about having fun with colour, building confidence with paint and letting go until you are completely and utterly absorbed in the moment and enjoying the freedom of filling the canvas. You’ll learn about textures and light, layering and composition, and whether you’ve never picked up a paint brush before or are familiar at the easel, Susie will elicit a vibrancy to your brush strokes that you never knew existed.

Seascape beginning to take place by a first time painter

A group of accountants learn how to create stunning seascapes in our seascape workshop

Some fantastic results from first time painters at our seascape workshop

The Workshop
You’ll begin by capturing the work of a chosen Cornish seascape artist, injecting it with your own personality and artistic style. Comfortable with a paint brush and with the basic techniques under your belt, you’ll then move onto choosing your own Cornish seascape artist to draw inspiration from. There will be masses of pictures to spark your interest and Susie’s encouraging expertise to guide you so you’ll leave with a feeling of enormous pride and a painting that you’ll be astonished by.

A typical Cornish seascapes workshop includes:

  • Welcome and workshop introduction
  • Painting demo from Susie using the work of a Cornish seascape artist as inspiration
  • As a group create the painting demoed with one-on-one guidance on handling the brush, applying paints and using colour
  • Pick your own seascape painting to emulate from a huge selection of images

From £60 per person
For groups of 6 – 12 people
Typically 4 hours
Suitable for painting novices to the more experienced

Winter Workshop
16th February - Fully Booked

30th March - Book Now